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Interdisciplinary Service Company in the Geoinformatics and Geodetics Sectors 

Founded in 1992, ARC-GREENLAB GmbH is an interdisciplinary service providing company that focuses on the geoinformatics and geodetics sectors. ARC-GREENLAB has a staff of around 80 employees and is located in Berlin and Hannover, Germany. The company's divisions consist of GIS and surveying services, software development and sales of geoinformation systems, facility management and infrastructure management. In addition, the company offers consultancy and training. Therefore, ARC-GREENLAB provides the full range of competence to implement even the most sophisticated projects - from concept to realization.

ARC-GREENLAB's private forestry info system provided the forestry consultants at the Chamber of Agriculture in Niedersachsen (Germany) with the geoinformation they needed via the ArcGIS server. A German-language GUI and application-specific functions were added to the ArcGIS Server's comprehensive basic functions. ARC GREENLAB replaced its legacy application, based on Microsoft Access 97, which as it was lacking in safety features and was difficult to develop further, was no longer considered state-of-the-art. A first redevelopment failed as the standard used, ASP.NET controls, chewed up too much development time and the GUI left users unconvinced. By using fecher's tools, a GUI could finally be created that had a high-end look and feel. The use of Microsoft Visual Studio with its WinForms-like Designer helped to keep the development time short. The development team was nevertheless able to create a web front-end that provided full desktop functionality.