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Provider of Business Management Solutions

The Bielefeld-based software company bpi solutions focuses on the creation of business management solutions. The development team was beset by difficult challenges with regard to the redevelopment of the application "bpi Publisher". bpi Publisher is a publication system for the creation of print publications and electronic catalogs that is often used by furniture manufacturers. Most of the modules in the new version were developed on the basis of the "bpi Sales Performer" application, which the consulting and software company fecher had already ported from Gupta to .NET in a separate project. Publisher however was still missing a customized text editor that would enable the management of product names, descriptions and prices in various languages. bpi solutions decided to have this model created externally as it would accelerate the project's momentum. They selected fecher to handle this task. fecher's team in Romania developed this model in around 25 project days. The project was coordinated from Germany. To prevent double entries and inconsistent translations, the newly created editor made it possible to check text modules for duplicates. It also enables the importing and exporting of texts to easily and seamlessly transfer translated text to the application.