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IT Service Provider; Software and Hardware Manufacturer

Located in Pliezhausen (Germany), Datagroup, a software manufacturer focusing on public administration, developed customized Gupta software for an ecumenical social service in 1999. In a sub-area of the "Diakonisches Werk" (a service arm of German Lutheran Church) in Stuttgart, the organization handles projects in the areas of training, health, climate protection and human rights around the world. Without the business-critical specialized software for ecumenical social services, projects cannot be approved and disbursements cannot be made.

Over time, the Gupta software became increasingly unable to meet the Diakonie organization's changed requirements, not to mention that it was nearly impossible to find programmers who could work with the old tools. For cost reasons, it was impossible for the organization to either consider reprogramming the specialized software consisting of thousands of projects or the time-consuming assembly of a standard application. Consequently, Datagroup brought the software and consulting company fecher on board as a specialist for software modernization. The Rodgau-based company transferred the software from Gupta to the more modern .NET platform. Porting the software has future-proofed it and the users are very pleased with the new Office integration. Medium-term, due to the new software environment, the Diakonie organization has numerous options for the software such as Internet access.

Support over the coming years is now assured. As a service providing organization, the software conversion truly liberated us.

  Ralf Heinze, Division Manager