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Patent and trademark attorneys in law offices and industry. To maintain its position as the market leader in Europe, the company must always be able to react to industry changes. This is why the company decided to replace the old, meanwhile hopelessly outdated,  Gupta-tools it had been using for years with Visual Studio. After they determined that redeveloping the software, upon which both of the company's products are based, would be too time consuming and too expensive, decided to have fecher port the Gupta code to .NET using the tool-supported "Porting Project" service.  This preserved the 20 to 30 years of work that the developer team had invested in the comprehensive application's code consisting of around 550,000 SAL items

The platform switch made it possible for to modernize the interface of its software and for example add full-text search for patents and an optimized management for figurative trademarks. The company can now also create interfaces to administrative bodies' online services, enabling clients to apply for patents, for example, or to import data.

Post-porting, we obtained a modern .NET application with all of the development opportunities that entails plus we didn't lose any of the strengths of our old Gupta version. It wouldn't have made any sense to choose a years-long redevelopment.

  Oliver Otto, CEO GmbH