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Gmünder Ersatzkasse

Health insurance company,

With its in-house software solution GEK-Client, the Gmünder Ersatzkasse can at any time provide its nearly 2,000 users with a comprehensive overview of all relevant information with regard to member relationships. As the SQLWindows application would crash with alarming regularity, on some days several times, and as the outlook for long-term development of the Gupta tool was unclear, the software was in urgent need of modernization. In particular the lack of modularization was frustrating the GEK developers. Using a multistage approach and the Porting Project tool-based service, the necessary migration to the more modern .NET environment was successfully implemented, despite projects that could not be postponed.

In only a few days, fecher returned the deliverable: the code had been fully ported to .NET and it was executable. With another provider, we had to wait for several weeks. And what they then delivered, did not even work properly.

  Karl Lang, IT Project Manager
Gmünder Ersatzkasse