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German State Agency for Forestry

From managing the State Forest to selling venison, the services of the "Landesbetrieb Hessen-Forst" (German State of Hessen, Agency for Forestry), with its 41 forestry offices and around 440 forest management areas, generates annual income of approx. EUR 200 million. To process its business operations, in addition to its own self-developed special applications for forestry, "Hessen-Forst" has utilized the State of Hesse's centralized SAP software for many years. Whereas they now only have to access a single centrally-managed Oracle database, this information was previously spread out across 94 local Gupta SQLBase databases. The databases were smoothly consolidated during a fecher migration project by using Oracle's Virtual Private Database function.

The simple fact that we can now operate around the clock without a maintenance window is a significant advantage for our business processes. The support that was needed over the years required considerable effort. That is no longer necessary, yet all of the data is still available in real time for the forestry offices and for evaluation purposes.

  Stephan Karger, Unit Manager