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Klinikum Ingolstadt

Municipal hospital with 1,100 beds,

An intuitive and flexible patient-management system is a great asset to intensive care units where physicians are always working under permanent time constraints. In order to collect additional intensive-care information not covered by patient management in the regular hospital information system, Klinikum Ingolstadt developed the doSys application.

As doSys was originally based on the MS Access 2003 database, it was no longer possible for the application to fulfill the continuously growing list of requirements needed for intensive care documentation. It was clear the software needed to be replaced, but no standard software existed that had the same functionality and redeveloping a customized solution was out of the question for cost reasons. Thus, an in-house modernization of the software was the only practical solution.

Using Visual WebGui, the hospital developed - in record time - the new, web-based version, doSys III, which no longer required a client installation of MS Office to run.

We completed the entire project, using just one developer, in less than a year.

  Michael Schaller, Head Developer of doSys III
Klinikum Ingolstadt