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Provider of Financial Software Solutions

Based in Freistadt, Upper Austria, Lang Software’s core competencies have, for more than a quarter century, been in financial management and controlling, cash management, liquidity planning as well as securities and trading software. Its clients, primarily housing cooperatives, real estate companies and banks as well as private-sector companies throughout the entire German-speaking area, rely on CASH MANAGER and KREDIT MANAGER, two of the successful applications into which this expertise has been poured.

Even though the software had been continuously improved over the last 25 years, it was based on Gupta Team Developer, an aging technology platform. Thanks to a cooperative in-house porting project by fecher, the company was able to convert its application to .NET and thus make it fit for the decades to come.

Read all about the project in our Success Story:

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The cooperation with fecher has definitively proven its worth. From the very start, it was a close collaboration among equals. If we still had another Gupta application, we'd have fecher port it, as well.

  Michael Riesner, CEO
Lang Finanzsoftware GmbH