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Ramsauer & Stürmer, one of Europe's leading ERP providers, has been developing complex business software for small and medium-sized companies in all industry sectors since 1992. To ensure the ERP application rs2 always remains competitive, it undergoes continuous improvement and is adapted to the clients' needs. There are around 350 installations of rs2 in Austria alone. The 4gl platform on which it was based, Gupta Team Developer, was however increasingly less able to fulfill the Salzburg-based company's requirements. The company decided to port the application to the modern .NET platform as this would preserve the expertise gained from 150 people-years of development and simultaneously ensure the application's long-term further development. In a multi-year project, fecher used the tool-supported service "The Porting Project" to transfer the nearly two million lines of code comprising the Gupta application. It was not necessary to put a halt to the application's further development during this time.

rs2 is comprised of software modules for the areas of accounting, materials management, production and customer relationship management as well as solutions for document and data management, business intelligence and individual workplaces and workflows. The new .NET version of rs2 is characterized, for example, by improved performance, an optimized GUI, and document management and workflow components that access the software directly.

Instead of scrapping everything and starting over, with porting, we were able to keep what was good and then use the new functions offered by .NET to simply supplement what was missing. We’d make exactly the same decision again, at any time.

  Markus Neumayr, Managing Partner
Ramsauer & Stürmer