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Leading Provider of eGovernment Solutions in Western Canada

The Tempest Development Group is a leading supplier of Windows-based property and revenue systems in Western Canada and Washington State for the local government sector. Founded in 1993, Tempest develops innovative solutions to address their clients' complex, changing, and increasingly demanding requirements.

About Aptean Inc.: In August of 2016, Aptean Inc. acquired Tempest, facilitating a more rapid strategic plan for growth and a focus on operations with the knowledge that financing and capital was secured. With over US$250 million of revenue, Aptean is a leading provider of industry-focused mission critical enterprise software solutions. Aptean helps nearly 7,000 organizations stay at the forefront of their industries by satisfying their customers and continuing to operate more efficiently.

Tempest had 20 plus municipal administration application packages which were gradually developed since 1993 using the 4GL Gupta Team Developer environment. fecher's application modernization project enabled Tempest to migrate away from this outdated platform and simultaneously transfer its application solutions to a standardized, consistent architecture.

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Throughout the project, the fecher porting team proved to us many times that fecher can ably master our special challenges.

  Mike Jensen, Senior Product Manager
Tempest Development Group