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fecher Romania successful with university program

Students and clients benefit from cooperation with the University of Oradea

On the way to the University of Oradea

The fecher development site in Oradea takes on two students in permanent employment who have previously taken part in fecher Romania’s university program. This marks a milestone in the cooperation with the renowned University of Oradea. The cooperation with the Chair of Computer Science began at the turn of the year 2016/2017 with the admission of five second grade students into a part-time internship at fecher.

The new colleagues at the office

"Two of the students did so well that they stayed in the programme until they graduated with a bachelor's degree. We were very pleased to offer them a position right away which both have accepted," says Octavian Butisca, Managing Director of fecher Romania. "The former students know exactly what to expect from us and we can be sure that they have all the skills we need to support our customer projects."

The university is also convinced of this mutually successful cooperation. As a result, the cooperation will continue with the beginning of the winter semester. "We are already looking forward to our new junior colleagues," says Butisca.