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New to our portfolio: UI/UX redesign is now a stand-alone service

Effective immediately, fecher offers modernization services for your user interface

Traditionally a key component of every fecher modernization project, UI/UX redesign is now being offered as a stand-alone service. By utilizing this fecher service, users of your business application will smoothly transition to and easily work with the modernized user interface (UI). Moreover, the user experience (UX) will be greatly improved.

"A browser app, for example, must be responsive and able to adapt to small output formats such as smart phones", explains Günter Hofmann, fecher CEO. "A WinForms application, on the other hand, must be able to clearly present lots of data. It needs a fresh look to accomplish this; an outdated 1990s look must be avoided at all costs. User acceptance levels are much lower with such outdated apps."

fecher now has a cooperative partnership with an external designer with whom, in a series of pilot projects, it developed a process model that, as with all of fecher’s modernization services, has proven itself: In an evaluation phase, together with potential clients, fecher develops a solid decision-making basis for the application redesign. This phase also includes a fixed-price offer commensurate with the number of required elements and layouts as well as the desired level of support and/or implementation. Following placement of the order, the designer develops all of the required design elements, screen layouts, icons and other assets, combining them into a theme (Visual Styler for WinForms or CSS/JSON for Wisej) usable for the respective development environment. Thereafter, the actual project begins with the implementation phase. When the final phase has ended, the application will have a new user interface that is fully executable in the agreed upon environment (WinForms or browser).

"As with all modernization projects by fecher, the UI/UX redesign flows into a long-term further development process, whereby the created elements and assets form a productive foundation", Hoffman is pleased to report. "As a result, with little effort even completely new application components can be provided with a suitable user interface. The client can choose to use his own in-house developers or our support."

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