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Release: Wisej

Ice Tea Group announces the final Wisej release

As a Premium Service Partner, fecher will immediately begin implementing the tool in its Web Enabling projects

The real time web application framework Wisej is available as a full version starting November 1, 2016. This new library makes it possible to develop browser-based applications such as WinForms software – using C# / VB.NET and JavaScript, from within a normal Visual Studio environment. This makes Wisej also a highly useful framework to migrate existing desktop business applications to the web. fecher has already been using it for several months to replace Visual WebGui in its Web Enabling projects.

As a service partner of Wisej developers' Ice Tea Group, fecher is immediately using the new tool for its own Web Enabling service and is also offering its clients consulting and training services for Wisej to accompany their projects. At fecher, there are more than ten specialists with comprehensive real-time web application experience.

fecher is also a member of the advisory board that influences how Wisej is developed further. In the U.S., the Ice Tea Group and fecher have jointly shared an office in Washington, DC for the past 10 years, ensuring a close and continuous working relationship between the technology provider and the service provider.

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