Free Evaluation
The first Step to Application Modernization

The first Step to Application Modernization

We evaluate your existing applications and give you an estimate including the time and cost for the conversion. You will get a detailed report about your project at no cost, no risk, and no commitment. Here you can find out which services are included and how the process works exactly. To request your free analysis just contact us anytime by phone or via our contact form.

Free Analysis Scope

  • Overview of the project outcome, including web migration, UI modernization, database and reports.
  • Description of: project’s workflow, timeline, phases and collaboration - from preparation to production.
  • Cost and time estimate for each project type.
  • Analysis of the project’s requirements, and potential issues.

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The Process

  • Initial phone conversation or e-mail: we learn about your requirements and project goals; we give you an overview of our company, experience, and next steps.
  • Assessment tool: we don’t need your source code to perform the preliminary free analysis. All we need is some key metrics gathered by our assessment tool. It’s a simple executable that will collect information about the project and save it to a file that you can inspect and send back to us.
  • Free analysis presentation: within one or two business days from the submission of the inventory data, we schedule an online meeting with you to present our project report and estimate.
  • Q&A: we’ll answer all your questions during our online meeting and we’ll provide all the information we have gathered from the inventory tool and our experience with similar projects.
  • Follow up: after the initial presentation, we’ll always be available to answer additional questions, to analyze additional code, and to help you minimize the cost, time and impact of the migration project, while maximizing the benefits.

Application Modernization Calculation Parameters


Code Metric



Project Type

  • Number of SAL items
  • Special features pertaining to the archtitecture
Number of Report Builder templates Client/Server Winform
HTML5 / Cloud
  • Inhouse
  • All Inclusive
Visual Basic 6 (VB6)
  • Numbers of lines of code
  • Special features pertaining to the architecture
Is normally retained Client/Server Winform
HTML5 / Cloud
  • Inhouse
  • All Inclusive
.NET Winform Web-Enabling
  • Numbers of lines of code
  • Type and number of controls
  • Special features pertaining to the architecture
Is normally retained HTML5 / Cloud
  • Inhouse
  • All Inclusive
Database Migration
  • Number of tabels and views
  • Number of stored procedures, triggers and other functions
  Connection via sqlTRANSLATOR

  • Inhouse
  • All Inclusive

All of our application modernization projects follow the same schema:

  • Utilization of tool-supported analyses
  • Tool-supported migration of source code, report templates, databases as well as the architecture (from client/server to the Web)
  • Structured post-processing guided by the tools' checklists and log entries
  • Manual testing of the migrated results based on recorded test scenarios
  • Finalization driven by client's final testing

The use of tools enables a calculation to be made via the modernization project's clearly defined metrics. The table gives you reference points as to how you can directly influence the costs. If anything is unclear, we'll also gladly explain the parameters in greater detail. By working together this way, we will find the best price.