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Application Modernization Services by fecher

fecher has a 30-year track record as an expert for Application Modernization Services. We ensure that our projects are successful by applying a proven process model and our strong working relationships with leading technology providers. fecher leverages the experience gained from hundreds of successful porting projects and continuously improves the tools it uses to ensure the highest possible level of automation. This makes it possible to deliver modern turn-key migrations, reliably and safely, for enterprise-critical legacy applications and databases – by a fixed deadline and at a fixed price.

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VB6 Migration

The days of relying on Visual Basic 6.0 for enterprise-critical applications are long gone. fecher converts your old Visual Basic 6.0 application to .NET code and modernizes the user interface. Your choice if either to a desktop or browser application.

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Gupta Porting

fecher has successfully ported hundreds of Gupta applications, including countless databases and reports to .NET worldwide. Our tool-based service is the only one offering automated SAL code porting – to the web as well as to the cloud.

Safeguard your investment long-term

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Web Enabling

Wheter you want to access new markets or offer software as a service: fecher is the solution to convert your current application to a Real Time Web App. No matter if you have an old desktop application or a brand new .NET application that you want to be webified.

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More Application Modernization Services

fecher also offers other services related to Application Modernization. Just ask us about it and build on our experience in your projects!

  • Access Migration
  • UI/UX Redesign
  • Database Migration


Why Modernize Legacy Applications? Here are the Benefits:

Improved Efficiency and Performance

Modernizing an existing application involves improving its efficiency by optimizing its performance and making it run more smoothly and quickly. This can be achieved by migrating the application to more efficient platforms.

Reduced Costs

Older applications may require more resources to maintain, including hardware and human resources. In contrast, modern applications are easily scalable and can be hosted on less expensive cloud-based infrastructure.

Enhanced Security

Newer technologies are equipped with advanced security features to protect against the latest threats. Modernizing applications helps to mitigate vulnerabilities that can be exploited in older systems.

Increased Scalability

Designed to scale more effectively (often through cloud services) modern applications support business growth without the need for significant additional investment in physical infrastructure.

Improved User Experience

Updating the user interface and user experience (UI/UX) of an application as part of modernization can make it more intuitive and accessible for users. This improves user satisfaction and productivity and enhances the marketability of your application.

Longevity and Future-Proofing

Modernizing an application can extend its lifespan, without the need for a complete rebuild. It also ensures the application has the ability to continuously evolve as modern technology advances.

Better Integration Capabilities

Modern applications can easily integrate with other systems and technologies. This enhances interoperability between services and systems.

Additional Benefits

There are many additional benefits that software modernization can bring, depending on your unique situation.


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'If you do not modernize your legacy applications, you are squandering your company's valuable capital' – Interview with Günter Hofmann, fecher CEO

Software Modernization as an Investment for the Future

Modernizing outdated, monolithic software and transferring business applications to a new, innovative platform simplifies your IT infrastructure, creates new opportunities and significantly increases the agility of your company without necessarily having to completely redevelop your systems. This way, you can meet the ever-increasing digital demands of your users and keep up with the competition. Let us enable your digital transformation!

Software Modernization: Overview

Our Services and Key Aspects of Application Modernization

With fecher as your proficient partner, you can safely implement custom modernization of your applications and benefit from future-proof technologies on modern platforms. We specialize in migrating VB6 or Gupta applications into the modern .NET environment without any losses, making system management more comfortable. Web-enabling desktop applications allows browser-based access from any location, increasing compatibility across processes. Our high degree of automation ensures consistently generated source code, ready for productive development using the latest tools and .NET standards. Application modernization with fecher is the ideal foundation for your future digital business success.

  • Code and UI Migration: We transform legacy codebases, such as VB6 or Gupta, into modern .NET environments, leveraging current technologies and enhancing user interfaces.
  • Web Enabling and Architecture Migration: We convert existing desktop applications into real-time web applications using Wisej.NET, offering a modern architecture that enhances flexibility and scalability for web, mobile, and cloud environments. This provides browser-based access and seamless integration with modern web standards.
  • Database Migration: We modernize and migrate databases to robust, scalable platforms for better performance and future-proof data management.
  • UI/UX Redesign: We update interfaces to meet modern standards, enhancing usability and user experience.

Our Proven Procedure: Phases of the Process

We follow a proven procedure of multiple stages. During the evaluation phase, we collaborate with you to ensure a shared understanding and provide a fixed-priced offer based on code complexity. The implementation phase involves automated source-code translation and structured task execution as per the analysis. Finally, in the finalization stage, we conduct thorough tests to ensure the application works perfectly in the new environment.

Are you ready to make a change? Contact fecher today to start your journey towards a more efficient, scalable, and future-proof system. Request a free evaluation and let our experts guide you through the transformation process.

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Count on fecher for your Application Modernization!

Ensure optimal IT processes in your organization with our Application Modernization Services and make your business fit for the future! With many years of experience and expert knowledge on our end, we put the necessary pieces in place safely and quickly and see ourselves as a reliable contact for your questions, concerns and ideas even after the successful implementation. Request a free analysis and get a comprehensive consultation from our experts. Together we will usher in a new era with familiar applications!

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