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Application Modernization by fecher

fecher has a 30-year track record as an Application Modernization expert. We ensure that our projects are successful by applying a proven process model and our strong working relationships with leading technology providers. fecher leverages the experience gained from hundreds of successful porting projects and continuously improves the tools it uses to ensure the highest possible level of automation. This makes it possible to deliver turn-key migrations, reliably and safely, for enterprise-critical legacy applications and databases – by a fixed deadline and at a fixed price.

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All Application Modernization Models are now available as fixed price turn-key projects with a guaranteed desired deadline date

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What Clients Say

fecher gave us a fixed price and delivery date for our Porting Project that we could rely on; saving us a lot of time, money and risk.

— Gerald Stowers, CEO, Execupay

Our project felt much more like a partnership than just a customer-vendor type relationship. We ended up on budget and brought a code base of way over 2 million lines-of-code over to .NET and the web in just 24 months with great results.

— Joe LaBuda, Executive Vice President, Harris Local Gov.

Other vendors wanted to sell us tools for the migration - fecher offered to take the risk for us and actually do it.

— Simon Weeks, Chief Operating Officer, Maginus

Instead of scrapping everything and starting over, with porting, we were able to keep what was good and then use the new functions offered by .NET to simply supplement what was missing. We’d make exactly the same decision again, at any time.

— Markus Neumayr, Managing Partner, Ramsauer & Stürmer