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Every company has special unique processes, which give it its own character and success as well as distinguishing it from the competition. In many cases, it may also have become a trademark. For a successful company to maintain its needed efficiencies, most of these business processes must now be supported by IT solutions. We handle the design and development of complex solutions, working in close collaboration with your company's technical departments. fecher's expertise in a wide variety of industries lets it identify suitable technical solutions for problems and issues your technical departments experience.

VB6 Migration

Any organization still using mission-critical applications based on Classic Visual Basic (VB6 or even VB5) must realize that this platform is on 'life support' and its days are numbered. Microsoft stopped officially supporting the VB6 development environment in 2008. A fecher VB6 Migration is a tool-based service that moves your software to a modern, more future-proof .NET environment.

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Gupta Porting

In its Porting Projects, fecher applies a proven process model to migrate Gupta applications to the .NET framework. The end result is a real .NET application that conforms to modern architecture and display standards. It's even possible to seamlessly port to a web application. fecher has successfully ported hundreds of Gupta applications to .NET worldwide. It is the only service on the market that offers automated SAL code porting.

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Web Enabling

As browser technologies provide access to additional client segments and business models, even many modern .NET applications are undergoing further modernization. Web Enabling by fecher is a cost-effective alternative to expensive redevelopment. Web Enabling turns Windows Form applications into leading-edge real-time web applications that run optimally in a browser under IIS and your own Windows Server, or alternatively under Microsoft Azure with the Microsoft Azure SQL database.

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We evaluate your existing applications and give you an estimate including the time and cost for the conversion. You will get a detailed report about your project at no cost, no risk, and no commitment.

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UI/UX Redesign

Whether with software porting or without: When it comes to redesigning the user interface of your individual business application, let fecher and our external designer be your expert partner for this task.

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Access Migration

Many software companies that developed database-based applications using Microsoft Access back then are now eager to switch to a more professional platform with a modern architecture. With fechers Access Migration, it is possible.

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Database Migration

In theory, a switch from one database to another is easy. In practice, however, this road can be a bit bumpy. With its tool-supported service, fecher takes care of minor and major problems that can occur in practice during a database migration.

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