UI/UX Redesign
A new look & feel for your application

Your Business Application - with a New Look and Feel

A modern technological basis is important for the future sustainability of business applications. Paramount for software solution users however is the user interface (UI) design and the associated user experience (UX). Even when an application has grown organically over many years and maps complex layers of company-specific processes, with regard to its look-and-feel and user friendliness, it should not come across like a cluttered relic from the 1990s. 

Whether browser or desktop application: Complex masks need to be clearly arranged, have a modern presentation and be intuitive to operate. This ensures a higher acceptance level by the application’s users.

This is why a UI/UX redesign is an important component of every software migration fecher conducts for its clients. If at this time, you are only looking for a redesign of your business application's user interface, let fecher and our external designer be your expert partner for this task.

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Key Benefits

  • New user interface for WinForm or browser-based applications
  • The old application code remains fully operable
  • Development of uniform design elements, screen layouts, icons
    and other assets
  • Optional: Development of a Visual Styler or JSON theme
  • Optional: Full implementation of the new user interface

Due to the modernized interface, our users feel like they are working with a brand new application.

Gerhard Schickel, former Head of Recruitment Solutions - fecher


  • Extensive consultation and information (free of charge)
  • Detailed analysis including a style proposal and a binding price calculation
  • Project types:
    • In-house: The delivered design elements are installed by the client
    • All Inclusive: Full installation of the new user interface by fecher
  • In addition, it's flexibly adaptable

The UI/UX redesign, as with all of fecher’s modernization projects, follows a proven process model. The only variable is the level of service. The deliverable in the all-inclusive project model is “turnkey”; your application with a new user interface is delivered to you at the end of the project. In contrast, with an in-house project, as the client you can bring in your own development resources. Your in-house developers will be provided with all of the developed design elements, screen layouts, icons and other assets, which have been grouped together in one of the respective development environment’s usable themes (Visual Styler for WinForms or CSS/JSON for Wisej.NET). To ensure that everything works perfectly, your developers will be trained by our experts, who will also be available as coaches during the implementation.

The process model consists of several phases: In the evaluation phase, fecher jointly develops a solid decision-making basis for the application's UI/UX redesign together with potential clients. This phase also includes a fixed-price offer commensurate with the number of elements and layouts required as well as the desired level of support and/or implementation. Only thereafter does the actual project begin with the implementation phase. When the final phase has ended, the application will have a new user interface that is fully executable in the agreed upon environment (WinForms, browser)..

Evaluation Phase

Consultation, Orientation & extensive Information (Free of Charge): You will be provided with an info package containing practical examples of the processes involved in a UI/UX redesign project. Any questions you may have at this time can be clarified in a discussion or an online demonstration.

During this initial phase, you’ll demonstrate your application and its current user interface. This can take place either ‘live’ or via screen video. You’ll also send us screenshots and your preferences - including examples of other user interfaces if you like - to guide us in our work.

Detailed Analysis and Style Proposal:Based on the extensive information from the initial phase, our external designer will prepare an initial style proposal for the implementation of your new user interface. The style proposal will be refined in joint feedback rounds until the final style is determined. At the end of the detailed analysis, you will have a precise estimation of the time and costs for the project.

Implementation Phase

Screen Selection: You’ll provide us with a representative selection of screen views (such as the application’s main view and the various screen types used) along with a short description of the functions of the control elements used.

Design: Our designer delivers suggestions for the various screen views, refining them in a continuous process based on your feedback. The following elements are created during this phase:

  • Uniform design elements and default values, e.g. for colors and spacing
  • Screen layouts for the various views
  • Icons and other assets for the control elements
  • Themes in Visual Styler format for WinForms or CSS/JSON format for Wisej.NET browser-based apps
Final Phase

Implementation: The new user interface with the deliverable elements can be implemented “turnkey” by fecher (all-inclusive project type) or by the client (in-house project type). If it becomes necessary, fecher will create any missing icons, adjust the layout, create any previously overlooked screen views or readjust the color scheme.

Training/Coaching: During the workshops and training sessions, we familiarize your developers with the user interface we created, thus laying the foundation for successful further development. With a support agreement, you will continue to receive our support.

Further Development: The UI/UX redesign project flows into a long-term further development process, whereby the delivered elements and assets form a productive foundation With the themes we delivered, even brand new application components can be provided a suitable user interface with little effort. We’ll gladly support our clients in this area, as well.

We bring you up-to-date with the latest technology

fecher is your partner for Application Modernization. For over 30 years, we have been helping companies in various industries to get ready for the future. Whether it's VB6 Migration, Gupta Porting or Web Enabling - with the help of effective tools that ensure the greatest possible automation in porting projects, we bring your software up-to-date.

Even if it is specifically about a UI/UX redesign of software or refactoring of your application, we assist you with our expertise. Through a detailed evaluation at the start of the project, we ensure that the result of the redesign exactly meets your requirements. We are happy to accompany you during the implementation of your new user interface and also offer a long-term cooperation for the further development of your individual application. By improving the user interface and user experience, you reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of your software in practice.

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