Software Modernization at a Glance

Software Modernization: Proven Applications on the Latest State of Technology

Despite the fact that everybody loves talking about the hottest new technologies, when you look at what companies are actually using, it is usually a different story: the majority of enterprise-critical solutions still consist of legacy applications and databases. fecher is an expert in reliably porting these typical LOB (Line of Business) applications to new platforms. fecher moves your Visual Basic 6 or Gupta applications to modern .NET architectures. Our experts will transform your WinForms applications written in C# or VB.NET into browser applications for web, mobile and/or cloud use. Your legacy database solutions can also be transformed into a state-of-the-art application.

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VB6 Migration

Automated translation of VB6 source code to a modern and future-proof .NET environment.

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Gupta Porting

The tool-based service offers automated porting of the SAL code - also to the web.

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Web Enabling

Turnkey migration of existing application code to a real-time web application platform.

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Application Modernization at a Glance

In the 1990s, desktop application development tools such as Visual Basic, Access and Gupta were the application development stars. They are, however, outdated since browser technologies and modern platforms such as Microsoft's .NET framework offer so much more. Consequently, many people are now trying to figure out how their legacy applications can be made ready for the future. It is crazy to continue modernizing these legacy applications under the old environment. Yet, redevelopment is expensive and risky.

fecher offers a very sensible "third" alternative: Application Modernization. We apply a proven procedure model and utilize specialized software tools to migrate your legacy applications to .NET. The deliverable our clients receive is a real .NET application that conforms to modern architecture and display standards. 

Access from Anywhere

Our clients also have the option of choosing to web-enable their application during the migration project, so that the new application will also work from within a browser and on mobile devices. There are three areas to consider: Firstly, the programming environment (programming language or 4GL) that determines the design and further development of the application logic and often the front-end logic, as well. The database often also contains important application code components such as stored procedures and triggers. Thirdly and finally, the reports, which are often the most important output an application generates.

Everything from a Single Source

fecher works with highly specialized tools that enable it to migrate application code, masks, databases and reports from old platforms to modern technologies. A platform switch, however, nearly always also requires at least partial redevelopment, which fecher carries out as a "nearshoring" project. fecher offers a tool-supported service at a fixed price for the key migration paths.

Your Software Modernization with a Proven Procedure Model

Although we can make it easier, a conversion does not happen by simply pressing a button. fecher conducts its migration projects in accordance with a proven procedure model that allows for various levels of service. Projects are normally implemented at the "all inclusive" level, where we deliver a "turn-key" application at the end of the project. Clients however may also decide on an in-house project where they bring in their own development resources and thus the cost - which is already low in comparison to redevelopment - is lowered even further. To ensure everything runs smoothly, fecher's migration experts will train your in-house developers beforehand. It goes without saying that our experts remain available for coaching at all times during the project.

Evaluation Phase
  • Information
  • First and Free Analysis
  • Detailed analysis with a fixed price offer
Implementation Phase
  • Project setup and partitioning
  • Code generation and completion
  • Code finalization
Finalization Phase
  • Test phase
  • Training
  • Further development

In all cases, the migration takes place in several phases: During the evaluation phase, fecher develops with its potential clients a solid decision-making basis for the application's migration. This also includes a fixed-priced offer that corresponds to the quantity and complexity of the code. Thereafter, the project itself starts with the implementation phase. The automated source-code translation into the agreed target language is supplemented by the structured execution of the tasks listed in the analysis. Finally, extensive tests ensure that the ported application is fully executable in the defined local, cloud, web and / or mobile environments.

It's the Tool That Makes the Difference

In performing the migration, fecher uses tools it has developed further by applying its experience with hundreds of successful porting projects and which make it possible to automate the process to a meaningful extent. Depending on the migration project's source environment, the front-end, program logic, reports and the database including table definitions, accompanying logic (triggers, stored procedures) and all user data are migrated to the new environment.

Corresponding tools that automatically analyze the source code are also used to generate the cost estimates. In order to find out just how soon your application could be up and running in a browser environment, you generally do not even have to send us your code. Request a Free Analysis today and receive a customized migration offer within just a few days!

Migration Paths

from/to .NET Winform Client/Server Browser Application Azure, mobile Programming Language C# Programming Language VB.NET
Gupta X X X X X
.NET Winform   X X Retained Retained
Access X X X X
ASP.NET   Real-time web app  X Retained Retained

In Addition:

  • Database Migration: OpenText / Gupta SQLBase and IBM Informix to SQL Server or SQL Database, Oracle; database middle layer for the SQL translation
  • Report template migration to Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, List & Label, Stimulsoft
  • Architecture consulting and training / coaching within the scope of a Modernization Project (.NET, Wisej.NET, Microsoft Azure) 
  • Flexible procedure model with project variants from do-it-yourself to all-inclusive
  • Free Analysis with an extensive presentation of the costs, time frame and course of action