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Web Enabling: Turn Your Existing Applications into True Web Applications

In many cases, even modern .NET applications should be further "modernized" because, for example, browser technologies can reach new customers and Microsoft Azure can enable new cloud-based business models. Replacing an application that most likely has only recently been redeveloped makes no economic sense.

An interesting alternative is Web Enabling by fecher; this is a model for a turnkey migration of an application's existing code to a real-time web application platform with a sophisticated framework on an Open Source Ajax basis and rapid application development (RAD).

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Web Enabling at a Glance

fecher's Web Enabling is a service targeted to companies as well as software manufacturers that would like to modernize their .NET applications. This innovative migration solution involves a functionally identical exchange of the user interface.

Using our winformPORTER tool, all source code positions are automatically modified to make them compatible with a web architecture. The deliverable you will receive is a powerful, scalable, browser-independent HTML5 application that conforms to cutting-edge standards – implemented with the real-time web application framework Wisej.NET. Your trusty client/server application will become a true web application that also runs on mobile devices as well as opening up possibilities for a software as a service model (SaaS) that is technically flawless. Despite extensive technical innovations, the learning curve for your developers is flat: thanks to Wisej.NET, they are productive right away using a familiar development environment and a well-established programming paradigm (C# or VB.NET in Visual Studio).

With Web Enabling and the technology used, you benefit immediately from the expanded possibilities offered by the web, cloud and mobile platforms, including the flexible UI design options from Wisej.NET.

An End to Bad Compromises!

When you experience such a migrated application for the first time, it is hard to believe: Instead of a messy, bad compromise, you see a sleek user interface that operates comfortably in every modern browser. To customize the application's appearance, ready-to-use themes are included and application specific themes are available. Users can switch between these themes at any time. Support for mobile devices, touch control and cloud architectures is included from the start, the performance is outstanding and a desktop installation of the software is no longer necessary.

fecher's conduct was absolutely fair and they really took on all of the risk. With a fixed price and a fixed delivery date, the situation could not have been more convenient.

Dr.-Ing. Peter Greiner, gibGREINER GmbH

We Prove the Feasibility

Think this sounds too good to be true? Well, don't panic, we're not asking you to buy something unseen. Prior to starting a Web enabling project, there is an evaluation phase, during which the existing code is examined and illustratively migrated to the target platform. Before you've even made your decision, you will have already seen the end result and have received a concrete project proposal with suggestions for the course of action, a concrete time plan and a fixed price offer. By this time, at the latest, you will no longer have any reason to continue burdening your users and developers with outdated legacy applications.

Success Story: Porting & Web Enabling at Harris Local Government

Leapfrogging from VB6 to leading-edge technology - Harris Local Government migrates 16 legacy applications to .NET, then unifies them into a single modern browser-based app

Proven Procedure Model

In all cases, the migration takes place in several phases: During the evaluation phase, fecher develops with its potential clients a solid decision-making basis for the application's migration. This also includes a fixed-priced offer that corresponds to the quantity and complexity of the code. Thereafter, the project itself starts with the implementation phase. The automated source-code translation into the agreed target language is supplemented by the structured execution of the tasks listed in the analysis. Finally, extensive tests ensure that the ported application is fully executable in the defined local, cloud, web and / or mobile environments.

Evaluation Phase
  • Information
  • First and Free Analysis
  • Detailed analysis with a fixed price offer
Implementation Phase
  • Project setup and partitioning
  • Code generation and completion
  • Code finalization
Finalization Phase
  • Test phase
  • Training
  • Further development

The Tool: winformPORTER

fecher's winformPORTER converts a System.Windows.Forms (Winform) based Client/Server application fully automatically into a true Web solution.

For a simple application written purely in Visual Studio using nothing else than Microsoft's original controls, this will directly work on the push of a button. The software's "Winforms" presentation layer will be replaced by Wisej.NET. The high compatibility of the Wisej.NET controls with Winform enables this step. At the same time, the winformPORTER makes further changes. For example the implementation of a session manager that manages the static objects.

Web Enabling by fecher: This is how it works

For large projects developed over many years, the winformPORTER and the base library must be prepared for porting. If third-party and self-written controls are used, it will be necessary to find and prepare a suitable replacement for them.

The preparation and use of the winformPORTER tool always takes place as part of a Web Enabling project. Our specialists implement the necessary extensions for Wisej.NET, integrate them into the existing framework and deliver a turnkey solution at a fixed price.

Additional features of winformPORTER

  • Integrated assessment for evaluating complexity and various metrics
  • Comprehensive support for third-party controls
  • Automatic adoption of architectural differences: Statics, registry, ressources, file access
  • Mapping rules maintained in a central repository


  • Web applications, as HTML5-based Real Time Web Applications
  • Equivalent design and funktionality
  • Maximum scalability and performance
  • Delivery as 100% modern and readable source code

License model

  • The costs depend on the number of lines of code as well as on the preparation effort for the third-party controls and architecture-related changes
  • Training sessions, workshops and support are available from fecher
  • fecher also offers ready-to-use mapping declarations for a variety of controls from third-party vendors

The Framework: Wisej.NET

Wisej.NET is an open Web Integrated Server Environment to design, build, debug, and manage powerful Web Applications using C# or VB.NET in Visual Studio. With Wisej.NET, you can develop applications which can be operated like desktop software. The necessary technical requirements are fully contained in the Wisej.NET framework and handled by it independently. This allows developers to focus entirely on their projects without worrying about HTML, state management, Ajax callbacks or concurrency.

Migrating Windows Desktop Applications to the Web with Wisej.NET – latest example on codeproject.com

The winformPORTER forms the basis for our web enabling service as it transforms every client/server application based on Winform into a web app. The resulting web application, in turn, builds on the architecture of the Real Time Web Application Framework Wisej.NET. This combination makes it possible to replace the graphical layer of an application without major refactoring, while leaving the source code largely untouched.

For more information on Wisej.NET, including support and pricing, visit the Wisej.NET website of our partner Ice Tea Group.

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