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Andreas Glomm becomes CTO and Managing Director

fecher Empowers Leadership: Andreas Glomm Appointed as Managing Director and CTO

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From Technical Expert to Executive Leader: Glomm's Strategic Role Expansion at fecher

With immediate effect, Andreas Glomm (48) assumes the roles of Managing Director of fecher GmbH (Germany) and CTO of fecher LLC (USA). The former Head of Application Modernization will collaborate with longstanding CEO Günter Hofmann, who will increasingly focus on the commercial and sales aspects, as well as managing the company's growth. Glomm has been with the company for 24 years and has been responsible for Application Modernization since 2016.

"I couldn't wish for a better partner to drive forward the future development of the company," says Günter Hofmann. "Over the past three years, our revenue has increased by 100 percent. Further growth requires important strategic decisions, which we can now make together." In addition to the Application Modernization department, Glomm will also oversee the Recruitment Solutions department, including fecher’s software solution hunter.

Joining fecher in 2000 with a degree in computer science marked Glomm's first professional venture post-university. Starting as a software developer, he quickly proved instrumental in numerous projects across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. From 2004 onwards, he managed numerous porting projects, transitioning client software from Gupta to .NET, and played a crucial role in establishing the new Application Modernization department, which he has led since 2016.

"For our technical team, the company's growth presents significant challenges," Glomm explains. "It's not just about recruiting a growing team, keeping knowledge up-to-date, and organizing projects optimally. It's also about exploring new strategic areas that we cover with our Application Modernization services." Glomm is currently working on a new offering for companies looking to migrate their desktop solutions written in Microsoft's WPF technology to the web - all highly automated, like all fecher offerings, through the comprehensive use of specialized tools. "As technologies evolve rapidly, it becomes increasingly challenging for companies to realize a return on their software investments. Our mission is to assist them in this endeavor across all business areas."

We warmly welcome Andreas Glomm in his new roles as CTO and Managing Director at fecher! His extensive experience and in-depth expertise are set to further enhance and broaden fecher's innovative solutions and services. We eagerly anticipate the continued success and collaborative achievements under his leadership.