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Web Enabling: fecher has modernized its own recruiting software

Personnel consultancy firms and in-house recruiting departments that are professionally involved with recruiting are already familiar with hunter. The comprehensive recruiting solution has been among the market leaders in Europe for more than two decades. Originally developed to run only on Windows, several variants were later created for mobile and cloud use as well as client-connectivity via web. The software now has cross-platform usability as a browser-app thanks to fecher's web-enabling project. In just one project, the hunter UI has not only been modernized, it is now also usable on Mac and Linux in addition to Windows and separately developed mobile and web variants are no longer needed. The complex business logic’s core did not need to be adapted.

New to our portfolio: UI/UX redesign is now a stand-alone service

Traditionally a key component of every fecher modernization project, UI/UX redesign is now being offered as a stand-alone service. By utilizing this fecher service, users of your business application will smoothly transition to and easily work with the modernized user interface (UI). Moreover, the user experience (UX) will be greatly improved.

Cooperation with the University of Oradea: fecher Romania successful with university program

The fecher development site in Oradea takes on two students in permanent employment who have previously taken part in fecher Romania’s university program. This marks a milestone in the cooperation with the renowned University of Oradea. The cooperation with the Chair of Computer Science began at the turn of the year 2016/2017 with the admission of five second grade students into a part-time internship at fecher.

New: Information about web development and software modernization in our fecher-blog

With our blog we want to offer an information platform for all those interested in the development and the modernization of applications. To meet the demand of our readers, the web development with Wisej is currently the main topic of our blog articles. Jens Eidinger, .NET developer and Senior Consultant at fecher, shares his experiences about Wisej and provides tips and tricks for using the web development framework.

Success Story: IC programming platform migrated from VB6 to C#

With roughly 100 employees, Data I/O is one of those hidden champions: When it comes to programming integrated circuits (ICs), everybody knows the company as the #1 global player since its inception in 1972. Their clients can be found everywhere around the world in the automotive, wireless devices, telecommunications, industrial controls, and consumer electronics industries. While the business was primarily focused on hardware, its software has increasingly become an important part of their product offerings. An application modernization project by fecher has recently helped to generate added value for Data I/O and their clients by migrating the core handler software from VB6 to C# / .NET.

Charity bash: fecher at Leigh Steinberg's Super Bowl Party

One of the highlights of this year's Super Bowl weekend in Houston was the Leigh Steinberg Super Bowl Party on 4 February, for which fecher had taken over an event sponsorship. In addition to the entertainment of the guests, this special event has, above all, a focus on charitable aims. For instance, the Steinberg DeNicola Humanitarian Awards were granted to promote social projects related to sport and to award members of the NFL community for special charitable initiatives and achievements.

fecher becomes Event Sponsor at Leigh Steinberg‘s 30th Super Bowl Party

fecher LLC proudly announces its event sponsorship at the “Leigh Steinberg’s Annual Super Bowl Party”. This year’s 30th edition of the legendary party takes place on February 4, 2017 in Houston, Texas – bringing about 3,000 invited guests together, including sports, entertainment, politics, media, and some of the most powerful executives and companies worldwide.

Ice Tea Group announces the final Wisej release

The real time web application framework Wisej is available as a full version starting November 1, 2016. This new library makes it possible to develop browser-based applications such as WinForms software – using C# / VB.NET and JavaScript, from within a normal Visual Studio environment. This makes Wisej also a highly useful framework to migrate existing desktop business applications to the web. fecher has already been using it for several months to replace Visual WebGui in its Web Enabling projects.

Case study: From 20+ application packages to one new solution

fecher modernization project consolidates local government software to a single new platform: The Tempest Development Group's client list includes 50 cities, communities and districts in British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State. Headquartered in a Vancouver suburb, the company has become a leading provider of eGovernment solutions in Western Canada. All of these 20 plus municipal administration application packages were gradually developed since 1993 using the 4GL Gupta Team Developer environment. fecher's application modernization project enabled Tempest to migrate away from this outdated platform and simultaneously transfer its application solutions to a standardized, consistent architecture.