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Web Enabling at Harris

Story: Empowering Police Professional Standards through Software Modernization

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fecher's Web-Enabling project revitalizes Harris' Centurion software, attracting new clients and empowering developers

In the world of law enforcement, precision and efficiency are paramount. Centurion, owned by Harris, has long been a trusted companion for managing Police Professional Standards data, offering case recording, process control, and more to thousands of users in UK police forces.

With a rich history spanning back to the late '70s, Centurion has evolved through various updates and software migrations, including transitions to VB3, VB4, VB5, and VB6. However, as VB6 support came to an end, the need for modernization was clear. Thanks to a combined VB6 migration and Web-Enabling project by fecher, Centurion is now equipped to tackle present-day challenges, empowering law enforcement agencies to fulfill their duties with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

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