fecher - the 35th anniversary
Celebration with team event in Vienna

35th jubilee: fecher celebrated the company's anniversary in Vienna

On 20.10.2022, our colleagues from Germany, Austria and Romania came together in Vienna to celebrate the 35th anniversary of fecher. Besides sightseeing, partying, and great food, which was accompanied by touching speeches, we will all remember the teambuilding event organized by the company ZUSAMMENSPIEL.

Our task was to build small machines from a few everyday objects, which were then connected and led to a chain reaction. It was a lot of fun and provided a great feeling of teamwork and success for all participants. Overall, the meeting in Vienna was a very special experience for all colleagues, after a long time without big company parties.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there have been some challenges to overcome in the past few years, but still fecher looks back on successful years in which there have been many positive changes in the company. For example, working from home is no longer just an option, but a daily reality at fecher. This has allowed new employees to join our team regardless of their location and has also enabled colleagues to move further away while staying at fecher at the same time. This flexibility is very much appreciated by our employees. And even though communication between the teams is mostly digital, the team cohesion is strong. The team event for fecher's anniversary showed this quite clearly.

On the whole, fecher has been able to achieve above-average growth in the last 5 years as a recognized specialist for application modernization and leading provider of a recruiting solution. "We are very proud of our business successes and our steady growth over the past few years and grateful that we have made it this far despite the Corona crisis," Günter Hofmann, CEO of fecher, summarizes. "Every single person in our company has made a valuable contribution to this success."