Success Story: Aareon UK
From VB.NET to the Web in the shortest possible time

Story: 10.000 hour Web Enabling project saves Aareon UK from a 10.000 day software rewrite

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fecher migrates QL Housing Management System from VB.NET to the Web, making it a fully integrated SaaS solution

In the UK, Aareon is among the market leaders in software for social housing organisations for nearly twenty years. In use at more than 100 customer sites, the latest release of their housing management system was QL Version 4, a traditional client-server software solution developed in VB.NET. Aareon was in the middle of a full rewrite of their software as a browser solution when government regulations forced social housing providers to implement a cloud-first strategy. To be able to compete and remain in business, they now needed to pivot immediately and, under enormous time pressure, quickly convert their software to a cloud solution. With a Web Enabling project by fecher, this goal was achieved with only 10.000 working hours and a timeframe of just 18 months instead of the estimated 10.000 days they had been facing for a full rewrite.

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