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Gupta Porting at Asseco Poland

Story: Asseco Poland benefits from Porting Project for hospital ERP

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Gupta Porting by fecher preserves extensive functionality in a modern environment

With well over 32,000 employees and a presence in 60 countries, Asseco Group is one of Europe's leading software companies. In its home country Poland, one of the most important products with more than 350 installations is the hospital ERP Infomedica, which was developed in Gupta a good 20 years ago. In order to leave behind the technological limitations associated with it today and to attract new developers to work on the product, Asseco decided to switch to the .NET platform in 2019.

"Originally, our options were to develop the ERP for hospitals from scratch or to discontinue it and switch to a standard solution instead," recalls Mirosław Fechner, project manager in the healthcare team at Asseco Poland. The first option was too time consuming and costly and could not be financed, while the latter would have meant a significant step backwards for users in terms of the functionality that had been developed over decades. A Porting Project by fecher helped to successfully transfer the extensive functionality to the modern environment and C# without any loss.

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