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fecher maintains close partnerships with many of the leading technology providers who manufacture the products fecher uses in its projects. Here you will find a list of our key partners.


fecher is an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) with Gold competency in Application Development, a distinguished Cloud Specialist and a close cooperation partner as Microsoft P-Seller. We utilize current Microsoft technologies to develop high-performance software systems and we port legacy applications e.g. from VB6 to Microsoft .NET or to Microsoft Azure. 


fecher has many years of Oracle database experience. As an Oracle partner, we offer services and products at attractive terms.

Ice Tea Group

fecher is an Ice Tea Group premium partner serving customers in 25 countries around the globe. Since 2005, fecher has ported plenty of projects from the Team Developer/SQLWindows 4GL to Microsoft .NET using the tools of the Ice Tea Group.


As a matter of principle, our software is always hardware-independent. Still, the best solution has often turned out to be the delivery of complete systems. With our partner Dell, we can configure hardware suitable for your particular situation and deliver everything together.


As a Porting Project service, fecher can set up the automatic porting of Gupta reports to a variety of more modern reporting tools. combit's List & Label is one of the most popular reporting engines. Clients are introduced to the special features of the reports transferred to List & Label in training sessions held by fecher, at which participants also learn to work independently with the new tool.


Stimulsoft specializes in the development of reporting tools for different platforms. The company's business is aimed at providing accurate, user-friendly and flexible tools for BI. As part of a Porting Project, fecher can automatically convert Gupta reports to the Stimulsoft reporting engine.