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fecher has a 25-year track record as a consulting and software company specialized in software modernization. In our work, we apply a proven process model, effective tools for maximum automation and our experience from more than 150 successful porting projects. This is how we make turn-key legacy migrations for mission-critical legacy applications and databases a reliable and safe alternative - at a fixed price and guaranteed delivery date.

Application Modernization overview

VB6 migration

VB6 migration

The time when you could rely on Visual Basic 6.0 for mission-critical applications is long gone. In a VB6 migration project, fecher handles the transfer to a modern .NET environment.

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Gupta porting

Gupta porting

Worldwide, fecher has successfully ported more than 150 Gupta applications as well as databases and reports to .NET. It is the only service on the market that offers automated porting of SAL code.

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Web enabling

Web enabling

To "modernize" legacy applications or even more recent .NET applications so that new markets can be reached via browser technology, the solution is Web enabling by fecher.

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How you benefit

  1. 1 The software you developed or had customized is an asset in which you have invested many years, possibly even decades. Instead of abandoning this software, let fecher identify for you the ideal way to modernize your applications, thus securing your valuable investments for the long term.
  2. 2 With our proprietary tools, we can automate the implementation of a number of processes. Then, using cost-effective nearshoring, our colleagues in Romania provide support for the remaining processes. This approach is much cheaper than a labor-intensive redevelopment or a risky migration to standard software.
  3. 3 To modernize applications, fecher utilizes the most powerful technologies currently available on the market. Your users will then naturally be able to work from any mobile device, work installation-free via web browser or supported by cloud-technology.

From 20+ application packages to one new solution

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Case Study

fecher's application modernization project enabled the Tempest Development Group to migrate away from the 4GL Gupta Team Developer environment and simultaneously transfer its application solutions to a standardized, consistent architecture.

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We are your team of experts in Microsoft technology: fecher is a Microsoft partner from day one and distinguished Cloud specialist.

Legacy applications –
gold mine or burden of the past?

This White Paper describes the fundamental approaches for handling legacy applications and compares their respective advantages and disadvantages.

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Daniel Stucki from AG Büro 70 trusts in Application Modernization by fecher

Our developers experienced a huge motivation thrust and the associated community notion through the conversion.“

Daniel Stucki, CEO
AG Büro 70
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Ralf Heinze from DATAGROUP trusts in Application Modernization by fecher

Support over the coming years is now also assured. As a service providing organization, the software conversion truly liberated us.“

Ralf Heinze, Division Manager, Administration Projects and Products
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Rafael Lehmann from Fujitsu Technology Solutions trusts in Application Modernization by fecher

As the .NET environment provides many new options, we will now be able to quickly implement our new ideas.“

Rafael Lehmann, Director Production Logistics Projects
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
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Walter Greiner from Herrmann GmbH & Co. KG trusts in Application Modernization by fecher

A quick glance at the code in the sample applications was sufficient for our developers to write their own applications.“

Walter Greiner
Herrmann GmbH & Co. KG
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Markus Neumayr from Ramsauer & Stürmer Software trusts in Application Modernization by fecher

Instead of scrapping everything and starting over, with porting, we were able to keep what was good and then use the new functions to simply supplement what was missing.“

Markus Neumayr, Managing Partner
Ramsauer & Stürmer Software
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