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The Solution: Web Enabling by fecher

The new desktop solution has only recently been implemented...

"... and users as well the management are suddenly already calling for browser technologies and use on mobile devices. In our recent implementation however we've already switched to the newest .NET technology. We can't implement and maintain additional mobile and web versions of our software now."

The Solution: Web Enabling by fecher

In many cases, even modern .NET applications should be further "modernized" because, for example, browser technologies can reach new customers or Microsoft Azure can enable new cloud-based business models. Replacing an application that most likely has only recently been redeveloped makes no economic sense. Web Enabling by fecher is an interesting alternative - it is a model for the turnkey migration of existing application code to a Real-Time Web Application platform with a powerful framework based on Open Source Javascript and Rapid Application Development (RAD).

When you experience such a migrated application for the first time, it is hard to believe: Instead of a messy, bad compromise, you see a sleek user interface that operates comfortably in every modern browser. To customize the application's appearance, ready-to-use and application-specific themes (CSS) are available. Users can switch between these themes at any time. Support for mobile devices, responsiveness, touch control and cloud architectures is included from the start, the performance is outstanding and desktop installation of the software is no longer necessary.

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