Application Scenarios
Exemplary project processes

Does the typical Modernization Project exist?

The projects that fecher implements for its clients vary as greatly as its clients' initial situations. Some of the project workflows however reoccur with such regularity that they could be considered standard application scenarios:

Our old Gupta and VB6 applications ...

"... we developed them for our particular needs and for our market. Basically, they still continue to do what they're supposed to do, but the technology has become hopelessly outdated. Instead of redeveloping everything, we'd like to migrate the code to a .NET environment and ideally also use the applications on mobile devices and in web browsers."

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The new desktop solution has only recently been implemented ...

"... and users as well the management are suddenly already calling for browser technologies and use on mobile devices. In our recent implementation however we've already switched to the newest .NET technology. We can't implement and maintain additional mobile and web versions of our software now."

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The technical department developed in Access ...

"... and, as is inevitable, this stand-alone solution doesn't play nice with our corporate IT. The application is functionally good but it urgently needs to be updated to a new technological basis so we, as IT department, can ensure its security and sustainability."

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