Legacy Applications
The Solution: Legacy Migration with fecher

Our old Gupta and VB6 applications....

"... we developed them for our particular needs and for our market. Basically, they still continue to do what they're supposed to do, but the technology has become hopelessly outdated. Instead of redeveloping everything, we'd like to migrate the code to a .NET environment and ideally also use the applications on mobile devices and in web browsers."

The Solution: Legacy Migration with fecher

They may be Gupta-based or they may be VB6-based, but one thing is certain: over the years, lots of effort has gone into your old desktop applications. If you redevelop them or replace them now with standard software, you'll lose these efforts and you have to rebuild everything from scratch - from requirement specifications to adapting to users' actual workflows. And then, it isn't even certain that everything will work when it is all finished.

In contrast, a Gupta porting project or a VB6 migration project with fecher will reserve the years of time and effort already invested and removes all risk from the project. The end result will nevertheless be a modern .NET desktop or browser application that is future-proofed with regard to its functions, user experience and technological architecture. fecher's recipe for success makes it all possible: a tool-supported migration is combined with fecher's expertise gained from plenty of successfully completed projects.